All participants must abide by our Code of Conduct

1. Objectives of the Program

To foster the emergence of projects leading to the creation and development of working prototypes and demonstrators in the field of Artificial Intelligence, the Association for Interactive Multimodal Information Management (AIM2,, the Idiap Research Institute (, Polytech Ecosystem Ventures (, The Ark (, Groupe Mutuel ( and the other associated partners organize the "International Create Challenge" ( They will hereafter be referred to as "the organizers".

The ICC’2020 is a free of charge 9-day AI Super Hackathon during which teams will have the unique opportunity to transform their ideas into working prototypes or demonstrators. The best projects will be rewarded by financial and logistical support together with an appropriate coaching dedicated to the creation and/or development of a start-up if the teams wish to go further with their prototype.

The ICC’2020 has the following objectives:

  1. Create several working prototypes or demonstrators
  2. Foster the development of new ideas and the technology transfer in the research and technology areas of the Idiap Research Institute (
  3. Support one or more projects by providing financial and logistical rewards
  4. Coach willing teams during the development of their idea towards the creation of a start-up.

2. Date and Place

The ICC’2020 will take place from 22nd August – 30th August 2020 at the Idiap Research Institute (Rue Marconi 19, 1920) in Martigny, Switzerland.

3. Application

Highly motivated applicants will be selected based on the information uploaded via online forms available on the ICC’2020 platform ( Only complete applications, which have been submitted successfully online, will be considered. Receipt of submission will be acknowledged by an automatic confirmation e-mail.

The call for participation is split into two parallel steps:

3.1. Step 1: Register for more information

If you are in one of the following situations:

  • You have an idea and a team
  • You have an idea but no team
  • You have neither an idea nor a team, but wish to participate,

you can register via the online form to receive more information. The objective is to create a pool of candidates that have the know-how, motivation and experience in the eligible areas and wish to participate in the ICC’2020. Applicants must fill in a short registration form, on which they will receive further instructions for the submission of a project.

The DevPost platform will be used for registered candidates to get in touch with each other and share/join project/teams (see point 6 below for more information). Candidates can also join the ICC LinkedIn group (, which provides the possibility to share ideas and technology portfolios and, if desired, to join a team/project. .

3.2. Step 2: Project submission

The objective is to select teams based on a full proposal for a project. A team should be composed of 2-3 candidates on-site (ideally all possessing technical development or AI skills) that will take part in the ICC’2020.

Each team is required to submit a detailed work plan (max. 4 pages, one sided) discussing their project. The work plan should include a clear description of the idea, the challenge, and the development approach. The project proposal must also contain a short bio of each team member (1/2 page max per person).

The data submitted by applicants will be treated confidentially. The organizers reserve the right to verify all information submitted by applicants.

3.3. Important Dates
  • Deadline for registration: EXTENDED TO JULY 5 2020
  • Deadline for project submission: EXTENDED TO JULY 8 2020
  • Notification of decision: 22nd July 2020
  • Start of the ICC’2020: 22nd August 2020 for a duration of 9 days (end of ICC’2020 on 30th August 2020)
  • Closing ceremony and award announcement: Sunday, August 30, 2020
3.4. Eligible Research and Technology Areas

In order to be eligible for the ICC’2020, teams/projects must have an idea of demonstrator/prototype not developed yet.

Furthermore, projects should as much as possible exploit technology within the field of Artificial Intelligence and/or available within Idiap.

4. Applicant Selection

4.1. Selection Criteria

Applicants must be over 18 at the moment of registration. They should have expertise in one or more of the following areas:

  • Software development and programming
  • Web design and graphic arts
  • Statistics, mathematics, machine learning

Projects will be selected based on their potential to become a prototype developed in only 9 days and on how well they fit into the eligible research and technology areas. Projects/teams that already exist as a developed prototype or product will not be considered.

4.2. Evaluation Committee

An independent evaluation committee of experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence will be in charge of the selection process according to the above mentioned selection criteria. The evaluation committee is composed of at least one representative for the following institutions: The Ark, IdeArk, Idiap Research Institute, AIM2, Groupe Mutuel and Polytech Ventures.

4.3. Registration and selection process

Interested people go through a simple registration process via an online form to request more information. No selection will take place at this stage.

After the project submission deadline (July 8 2020), the ICC’2020 jury will select about 10-15 teams/projects of 2-3 participants each.

The Jury reserves itself the right to select a smaller number of participants and possibly none, if it estimates that the submitted applications do not meet the above mentioned selection criteria. The decisions of the evaluation committee shall be without appeal and its deliberations are confidential.

5. On-site Technical Framework

Generally, the organizers will provide the participants with on-site Wi-Fi Internet access during the 9 days of the ICC’2020.

However, participants might express additional technical requirements at the point of inscription. No later requests can be taken into account.

The organizers will try to meet timely submitted requests where possible. They will inform the concerned candidates about their decision before the start of the ICC’2020.

6. DevPost platform

The organizers of the ICC have established a DevPost website (link) for the ICC projects. Registered candidates are expected to sign up on the platform to look for a team or look for team members or share ideas.

The DevPost platform will also be used during the challenge to communicate with participants as well as for submission of final projects at the end of the challenge.

7. Endowments

At the end of the ICC’2020, the best projects/prototypes/teams will be granted different endowments and incentives:

7.1. Prize money

The winning teams will share a cash prize up to CHF 15’000.-. It is up to the jury to decide about the exact distribution of the cash prize during the final selection process. The ICC’2020 Jury reserves itself the right to reduce the number or size of cash prizes awarded.

The prize money will be, at the end of the ICC and in accordance with the winning teams’ wishes, sent to the bank account(s) indicated by the team as a whole.

7.2. Healthtech Innovators Award by Groupe Mutuel

The Healthtech Innovators Award is powered by Groupe Mutuel ( and is addressed at projects that apply Artificial Intelligence to the health and/or the insurance domain. The prize money of the award can be up to CHF 5k. It will be awarded by a special Health/Insurance jury from the Groupe Mutuel.

7.3. Seed funding

If a given team wishes to go further with their prototype, conditional seed funding, in exchange of equity of the created company, can be negotiated with our partner Polytech Ventures. The decision to accord seed funding to a project/team will be taken by Polytech Ventures. The decision shall be without appeal.

In the event that Polytech Ventures, ICC Main sponsor, grants a seed funding to a project / team in the framework of ICC within twelve months following the end of the program, a fee corresponding to 5% of the total amount of the contemplated financing round will be paid directly to Idiap. The fee corresponding amount could be converted into share of the company, at the entire discretion of Idiap, at the same terms and conditions than the ones offered to Polytech Ventures. Detailed terms and conditions shall be subject of a separate brokerage agreement.

7.4. IMD Start-Up Competition 2020

Direct access to the IMD Start-Up Competition 2020 may be granted to projects/teams participating in the ICC’2020 if they are willing to go down the start-up road. The decision will be made by IMD and the IMD competition terms apply.

7.5. IdeArk Incubator

Should one of the teams decide to create a company locally by integrating the IdeArk Incubator, it may profit, if eligible to stay in Switzerland, from the following advantages:

  • CHF 10’000 in the form of a The Ark’s Grant Scheme (The Ark’s rules apply,
  • 3 years of free coaching and logistical support/services helping the team to lead its project to the marketing phase.
  • Free office space (about 25 m2) during 3 years on the IdeArk Incubator site.
  • Financial advice and contribution provided through the CCF SA.
  • Proximity to the Idiap Research Institute.

The IdeArk prize is awarded according to the IdeArk rules and conditions ("Règlements Prix IdeArk").

The total value of the endowment is estimated at over CHF 100’000, but may vary according to the proposed services. In order to benefit from the full endowment, the successful candidates shall create their company and perform most of their activities on the IdeArk Incubator site.

Coaching of the successful candidates is provided by the IdeArk Incubator. Coaching and logistical support/services are available to the successful candidates upon appointment, but will be progressively activated during the project development in accordance with the IdeArk Incubator rules. The above mentioned services and advantages must be used within 3 years upon appointment. No refunds or substitutions of endowments are permitted.

8. ICC’2020 Jury

The ICC’2020 jury is composed of international experts from the eligible research and technology areas as well as the entrepreneurial domain. The jury members will appoint a chairman of the jury amongst themselves.

The jury reserves the right to award no endowment if it considers that the work done during the 9 days is deemed insufficient or if the jury suspects that the work had been done prior to the challenge. The decisions of the jury are taken by majority vote. In case of a tie the chairman of the jury has the casting vote. The jury is independent and sovereign. The decisions of the jury shall be without appeal and its deliberations are confidential.

9. Evaluation Criteria

The jury decision in order to award the above mentioned endowments to the best projects/teams will be based on the following evaluation criteria:

  • Prototype (60%): quality of the developed prototype
  • Team (20%): complementarity, communication skills, enthusiasm
  • Progress made in 9 days (20%)

10. Awards Ceremony

The awards ceremony will take place on Sunday August 30th 2020 at the Idiap Research Institute, Centre du Parc, Martigny. The ceremony consists in each team presenting their prototype/demonstrator and explaining the progress made in the 9 days of the challenge. The Jury is present and will designate the winners at the end of the presentations session.

11. Participation Fees

The ICC’2020 is free of charge for the selected teams. The latter will have their living expenses for accommodation and meals (breakfast and dinner), excluding drinks, reimbursed by the ICC upon provision of the expenses report including the original receipts (see our Expenses Policy below for more details). Participants shall be responsible for any additional costs, in particular submission costs and travel costs to/from Martigny. Participants shall also be responsible for any administrative tasks related to their stay in Switzerland (visa application for Switzerland, etc.). No requests for refunds will be accepted.

12. Visa

Selected ICC participants requiring a visa to enter Switzerland are alone responsible for obtaining this visa. The organizers of the ICC’2020 cannot be held responsible should the visa be refused or not arrive in time and thereby prevent a selected candidate from participating in the ICC.

13. Accommodation and Meals - Expenses policy

As part of your participation, we are happy to offer you certain expenses covered during the program:

  • Dinners: Up to 25 CHF per meal during the program can be refunded. No alcohol will be refunded
  • Accommodation: We are happy to cover hotel costs for up to 130 CHF per night (double room) during the program. We keep the right to deny refund if the team is using single rooms.
  • Travels: Any travels in relation to the program will be on the expense of the participant.

Deadline: Participants must provide us with the completed expense report (template will be provided to participants), including original receipts at latest on the 31st of August.

We can accommodate up to 15 teams and a maximum of 24 candidates on-site.

14. Intellectual property

Applicants certify to hold the legitimate intellectual property rights to the projects they submit. They shall be responsible for managing the intellectual property rights with the involved institutions (employer, partner, and so forth). The organizers claim no intellectual property rights to the submitted projects and their responsibility cannot be held thereby.

15. Responsibility and liability for damage

The organizers shall not be responsible for any personal injury, loss or damage to any of the participants’ property.

The participants shall be held responsible for any damage or loss occasioned to their personal office space and/or hotel room during the 9 days of the ICC’2020.

16. Applicants’ commitment

Applicants undertake to guarantee the sincerity and veracity of the information they submit. Any inaccuracies or omissions that may lead to an erroneous evaluation will result in the cancellation of the application. Successful candidates undertake to have at least 2-3 team members on-site, working on their project at Centre du Parc, Rue Marconi 19, 1920 Martigny, Switzerland from 22nd August to 30th August 2020.

They also undertake to participate in the award ceremony (Sunday August 30) according to instructions they will be provided with. The unjustified absence of the leader(s) of the awarded projects/teams will result in disqualification of their project. Successful applicants undertake to participate in public relations and news events relating to the ICC’2020. The participants authorize the organizers to refer to their names and projects, as well as to use pictures of them taken during the ICC for public relations and communication purposes.

The Jury reserves the right to withdraw any award, should irregularities be proven. The organizers reserve the right to modify, shorten, extend or cancel the ICC’2020 if required by circumstances. Responsibility of the organizers cannot be held thereby.

17. Other

The organizers of the ICC’2020 reserve the right to modify the present terms and conditions up to the project submission deadline (July 8, 2020).
In particular, the organizers do not exclude the possibility of hosting the ICC’2020 exclusively online in case the current health crisis related to COVID-19 would not be resolved by August 2020.